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What is International Divorce Coaching

Divorce is so overwhelming!

The overwhelming nature of divorce often leads to costly mistakes having long-term effects at a legal, emotional and financial point of view.

But divorcing while living abroad is even harder (much, much harder): your family and friends are far away, you have to deal with complex legal and financial issues (especially if you’re the “dependent” spouse), you may be dragged into a custody battle and a million other details, in the midst of unprecedented emotional turmoil...

Having a Divorce Coach on your side is like having your own personal GPS to help you navigate the bumpy road of cross-border separation.


Benefits of Expat / International Divorce Coaching

  • Receive practical guidance and emotional support at each stage of the divorce process.
  • Get clarity and comfort in understanding the big picture of international divorce and your next steps.
  • Avoid costly mistakes.
  • Learn new skills to gain confidence and be empowered to build a life you really love again.

All you need is a skilled and compassionate professional expert to help with the transition & get back on track.

Make sure you make investing in yourself a priority & enjoy the benefits of this choice for the rest of your life!

Wherever you are in your journey, we are here to support you
When thinking about Divorce... </br>Get Educated First!When thinking about Divorce... </br>Get Educated First!

When thinking about Divorce...
Get Educated First!

All you need to know about divorce,

in one consultation only!

Before you make any decision, make sure you have a full understanding of your situation and options. That’s exactly what you’ll get by investing in this 3-hour consultation with me.

By investing in this coaching session, you will:

- Have a crystal clear vision of where you are and what are your options

- Learn about the most common causes of separation and solutions

- Gain instant clarity about the landscape of and 10 areas impacted by divorce (legal, financial, social, emotional etc) and its process

- What make things worse in an emotionally charged environment

- Who you have to become to thrive during this difficult transition

- Get organized for the worst

- Avoid costly mistakes in your decision-making process, to save your time & money

- Prepare your meeting with your lawyer or financial planner (this one alone will be worth your investment!)

- Get prepared for a life changing journey and receive the guidance you'll need all the way through your transition period


Your Investment:

297 USD / 2500 HKD- incl. 3-hour consultation online, with slide presentation & Q/A

Online Follow-up sessions (60 minutes): 97 USD / 800 HKD

This investment will allow you to get a professional feedback and a crystal clear picture of where you are right now and what your options are for the future, in only 3 hours!

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During & After Divorce Support:</br>3 - month Coaching PackageDuring & After Divorce Support:</br>3 - month Coaching Package

During & After Divorce Support:
3 - month Coaching Package

You don't have to go through divorce alone!

People are rarely taught about the tools and information they need to go through the rough spots of divorce.

You must have a thousand questions and concerns and now is the most important time to pause, breathe, think clearly and plan wisely.

Don't rely on hope, be pro-active and invest in yourself! My primary goal as your Divorce Coach will be to serve you like a guide, to help you feel empowered, informed and supported as you embark in this complex divorce space.

No guess work here: I will be there each step of the way, giving you information, tools and resources tailored to your needs and helping you to achieve the results you want, for a fuller and more satisfying life

What we will explore together:

Before/during divorce proceedings:

Learn about what to anticipate in each step during your divorce.

  • What are the impacts of divorce
  • What is a healthy divorce
  • Being optimally organized during the process, in every aspect: legal, financial, personal, family and social
  • Common mistakes to avoid
  • Keep confidence in yourself and in the future
  • Being supported in times of crisis
  • After the divorce proceedings:

    Receive professional support during the transition and recovery period

  • Learn how to release negative emotions and activate your inner powers
  • Get the tools you need to build the next chapter of your life
  • Define short/mid-term goals that inspire you and make you breathe and smile again!
  • Your Investment:

    3-Month Online Coaching Package (total 12 hours) 997 USD (payment plan available)

    Online Follow-up sessions (60 minutes): 97 USD / 800 HKD

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    Much-Needed Care during the Journey :</br>Emotional HealingMuch-Needed Care during the Journey :</br>Emotional Healing

    Much-Needed Care during the Journey :
    Emotional Healing

    Reiki Energy Healing

    Reiki is a Japanese gentle yet effective holistic healing modality that will help you quickly reach a deep state of relaxation and release toxic emotions such as anger, worries and stress.


  • During the Reiki session, I will facilitate healing / empowering energy transfer by placing hands over or on the client’s body.
  • Each session lasts 60 minutes
  • Session are offered only in person in Hong-Kong (Central or Discovery Bay)

  • Bach Flowers Remedies

    Dr Bach's floral essences are 100% natural and safe, and are meant to remove all your negative emotions by flooding them with the positive energies from the flowers. Dr. Bach, a well-known physician in England, created those remedies more than 80 years ago. They are now used by millions worldwide.


    The package includes:

  • One pre-assessment to fill-in before the session
  • One hour online consultation
  • Gift: One personalized 21-day remedy (Hong-Kong only)

  • Your Investment:

    Bach Flower Online Consultation : 50 USD / 450 HKD for 60-min

    In person (Hong-Kong, Discovery Bay): 600 HKD, includes a 21-day remedy

    Reiki in-person (Hong-Kong only): In Central 1200 HKD for a 90-minute session; In Discovery Bay 900 HKD for 90-min or 600 HKD for 60-min

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    About Me
    “You don't have to do this alone !”

    I’m confident that by working together you’ll be able to reduce the legal, financial and emotional costs of divorce.

    WHY ME?

    After seeing my own family going through a painful divorce,I experienced first-hand the devastating effects this had on the emotional well-being and wealth of everyone involved.

    Later on, while working for a prestigious law firm, I witnessed how often couples put many unrealistic expectations on their lawyers’ shoulders and how destructive it could be for the whole family.

    Moving into relationships and divorce coaching, I quickly realized how much divorcing couples end up highly isolated and in desperate need for outside resources and clear guidance on how to navigate their life in turbulent and chaotic circumstances.

    In essence, divorcing couples are rarely equipped with the basics of divorce and apart from a dedicated coach, nobody really teach them some crucial knowledge and skills… what a glaring gap in the divorce landscape! Especially when we know that receiving guidance and support can prevent a lot of difficult challenges and sufferings in the first place.

    So I decided to create my private practice in order to provide a quick response to the first universal questions people have about divorce,  and then help them to get back to normal as quickly as possible and for the rest of their life.

    I am a full-fledged professional dedicating my career to helping people going through the rough path of divorce.

    I’m especially keen on working with expat people who are only at the stage of thinking about divorce.



    I hold degrees in International Law and Mediation. I also received numerous certifications from coaching institutions around the world. I learned directly from the bests in this field in order to complete my formal education and become the best at what I do.

    From French and Japanese origins, my clients often see me as a blend of professionalism, trustworthiness, empathy, service and dedication.

    I am based in Hong-Kong since 2008 and my consultations can equally be conducted in ENGLISH and in FRENCH.

    Life is a Field of

    Infinite Possibilities


    My heartfelt invitation is this: If you are willing to do what it takes to transform your divorce experience into a meaningful journey, schedule a 30-minute conversation with me, and let's find out if we're a good match!